By   July 3, 2013

Whether you are renting a truck for a promotional event or you’ve decided that it is the most economical way to get up and running with your food truck business, there are a few things to keep in mind when you conduct your search for your food truck.

Licenses and Permits

One of the perks of renting a food truck is that truck owners will likely have obtained whatever permits or licences are required for operation. However, these permits are not universal so it is important to ensure you are renting a food truck licensed in the area in which you plan to open for business.  Obtaining these documents on your own can be time-consuming and expensive. Websites like include these details on rental listings and allow you to search trucks in your target area.


While a food truck for rent will have already been constructed for the industry, there may be additional work to configure things for your business.  Know what you require before you start your search so you can find a truck that is closest to your goal. It will cut down on construction costs and make negotiating changes with the owner much easier.  Again, is a great resource for renters with specific needs.


The every day wear and tear of the truck is not the responsibility of the renter but you want to make sure it is in good working order before you invest in startup costs. Ask questions. A good renter can prove ongoing repairs and upkeep of the vehicle.


Food trucks are known for their unique concepts and attractive designs. That’s probably why you wanted a food truck in the first place. Keep in mind that those colorful vinyl wraps can cost a few thousand dollars. Your budget may not allow for a change of truck for some time so make sure you have the truck you need before you invest in a flashy wrap.

Other Perks of Renting Food Trucks

The renter of your truck can be a great resource. Your relationship is win-win: you succeeding means more rental income. So make friends. They can likely set you up with a commissary, give you advice on cutting costs or profitable locations to try.

And if it all seems too much to handle, contact for a more guided approach to getting started in the industry.

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